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Changing How Medicine Works

“Sometime in the not too distant past, healing stopped being an art, and people stopped being connected to their own ‘knowing.’ My goal is to restore healing back to being the multidimensional art it actually is. Information and ability exists in each of us to create self-healing and life extension beyond the limits of what is thought of as ‘normal.’  Healing unites both science with spirit; thinking with feeling.                                         We need to create a new language for health.”


Hi, my name is Madalyn Suozzo. I have been helping people turn on their innate power switch for 30 years. From a very early age, I developed the ability to see past the physical boundaries and peer into the heart of (the) matter. I reveal the hidden messages in your body and help you to ignite the interconnectedness of self to cell so you can feel your own potency and make the changes you need to make.



Natural Self-Healing;

Why does the body intuitively know how to heal itself?  Original Wave private sessions and holistic courses allow you to create peaceful new perspectives in your life and body. Contact me to discover what issues are screaming in your tissues.

Science can document and measure what happens in the body after surgery or other invasive treatments, but no one in science knows why healing takes place. Join Madalyn. Be a part of breaking the current cultural mold, by helping enlighten the manner in which we think about and behave towards our bodies and minds. I have helped many people in many walks of life, become aware of the very natural capacity to direct attention and focus to regenerating a newer, brighter picture of a more authentic cellf™. Peaceful health is your natural state. Click here to learn more.


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I am not a licensed medical professional. All the information given on this site is for informational and educational purposes only.  I am a researcher and have spent my life learning and studying the body’s innate ability to heal itself. All content contained on this website is my opinion and not medical advice. Statements regarding treatments suggested have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I do not practice medicine, nor should I be considered a substitute for licensed medicine. Should you decide to work with me or use any of the information on this site, you agree to do so of your own free will and discretion and forever hold Madalyn Suozzo harmless, from any and all claims and/or legal liability of any kind whatsoever. By visiting this website you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand and are in full agreement with all statements set forth in this disclaimer.


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